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Power hacksaw: The power hacksaw is the original and least expensive saw for the work.
The size of a power hacksaw is the cross section of the largest piece of stock that it can cut.
The hacksaw usually has four to six different speeds available.
Cost: A hacksaw is much less expensive, often about half the cost of a band saw of equal size and power.
Saw blades: The hacksaw blades may cost one-half to one-quarter the cost of a bandsaw blade.
The hacksaw blade is almost unbreakable and is somewhat less likely to have its teeth stripped off by hard spots in the material being cut.
Kerf: The bandsaw blade is thinner than the hacksaw blade, especially for the larger sizes.
Thus, the plain hacksaw can be used by less experienced operators.
When I started with the brigade, we'd all be working on different posts with hacksaws and you'd be looking at 10 to 15 minutes to take a roof off.