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A localized mass of blood in tissue; usually it clots and becomes encapsulated by connective tissue.



a localized accumulation of liquid blood in tissues.

A hematoma is formed during hemorrhages if the blood does not infiltrate the tissues (such as the subcutaneous tissue, muscles, periosteum, brain, liver, and spleen) but rather separates them, forming a cavity. The primary cause of hematomas is trauma, or rupture of pathologically altered blood vessels. Small hematomas are resorbed without a trace, but an inflammatory reaction develops, with the formation of a thick capsule, around large ones. Hematomas result in swelling, ecchymosis, pain, and dysfunction of the affected organ. Treatment involves application of a pressure bandage, and treatment with cold the first day and then heat. Surgery is indicated if a liver or spleen hematoma ruptures or if the hematoma suppurates.

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While usually harmless, doctors found three cases in medical literature of subdural haematoma caused by the practice.
Any dog of any age can develop an ear haematoma, although they are more common in those with ear flaps which hang down such as Golden Retrievers
The subdural haematoma was on the right side of the head, which was the side of the injury sustained on September 30.
1), which revealed a large, right fronto-temporo-parietal acute subdural haematoma with effacement of basal cisterns and evidence of mass effect and midline shift.
The brain scan showed a number of pieces of information, some intracranial haematoma but also some cerebral contusions and oedema.
Our report is the first describing detection of biopsy-induced perihepatic haematoma with following application of CEUS to exclude active bleeding and to assess liver perfusion intensive care unit.
His level of consciousness rapidly deteriorated on day two post-operatively, with no evidence of haematoma recurrence or neurosurgical complication on repeat CT Brain.
Denktash is currently in intensive care after his doctors discovered the haematoma.
Ospreys physio Chris Towers said: "Ryan took an impact to his right quad, suffering a haematoma.
I fractured the C7 vertebra, and between C5 and C6 I had a haematoma which, in turn, was pushing a disc on to my spinal cord, which was affecting the nerves down my left arm," said Siddall, 32.