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Hafted spear tips are common in Stone Age archaeological sites after 300,000 years ago.
This study shows that hafted spear tips were also used in the early Middle Pleistocene, a period associated with Homo heidelbergensis, the last common ancestor of Neandertals and modern humans.
The study, 'Evidence for Early Hafted Hunting Technology,' is published in the journal Science.
Experts say an axe is generally deemed to be a palstave if it is hafted by means of a forked wooden handle kept in place with high, cast flanges and stop bar.
Now consigned to museums and plays in which actors tend to "exeunt pursued by bear" a lot, hafted weapons, primarily shafts with axes or other sharp appendages, were the tools of choice in many medieval and Renaissance battles and as such are politically important.
Due to the extensive preparation required for hafting, a hafted tool can hardly be considered expedient.
Due to the high production costs, hafted tools may be transported from location to location during their use-cycle more frequently than hand-held tools, independent of mobility strategies.