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Why would anyone want to study the global dissemination of the hagiographic Wesleys in lieu of joining the quest for the real Wesleys?
But his participation in this process provides yet another example of an otherwise admirable monograph whose defining claims tragically rest on an evidentiary basis marred by ill-considered handling of hagiographic material.
During the past two decades a number of scholars have argued that hagiographic accounts by and about women have features that distinguish them from those written by men.
Damon argues that Alcuin's contributions to hagiographic tradition have not been adequately studied, especially his role in popularizing the Anglo-Saxon "cult of kingship.
Added to their description of Clark as given a "divine purpose" and guided by a "divine plan" (Ignatius Press is a Roman Catholic publishing house), this book risks being a hagiographic tome rather than an informative, balanced biography.
In all, their declared analytical intention notwithstanding, the two chapters of part three evince Renard's tendency, in evidence throughout the rest of his otherwise illuminating book, to reproduce his sources without critically engaging them or bringing out the underlying (and not always obvious) agendas pursued by their authors, ft is hard not to agree with Renard that the hagiographic tales he has so diligently assembled and classified did indeed "create a sense of connection with the larger community of believers, entertain and edify, and allow the listening and hearing public to identify immediately with the characters" (p.
The first part of the text contains five hagiographic narratives: the legends of Mary Magdalene, her sister Martha of Bethany, Mary of Egypt, Catherine of Alexandria, and St.
There was absolutely no need for a film on Malala to acquire hagiographic proportions, and the filmmaker's bid to overstress on his subject's status as a hallowed icon hurts the intention of the film.
Tahirih's final martyrdom and the hagiographic import of her death are detailed in the concluding Book of the Daughter, where Nakhjavani expertly weaves together the various threads of disparate lives and events that had come into contact with the poetess of Qazvin as Iran itself suffers the dehumanized panic of a "bread riot" and the assassination of the shah himself.
State television broke away from regular programming with a hagiographic tribute to Lee's life.
It hosts hagiographic treasures from churches and monasteries of the Limassol bishopric, covering a wide stylistic and chronological spectrum spanning from the twelfth to the nineteenth century.
The only additional feature on the disk is a twenty-eight minute "Making of" featurette, arbitrarily divided into a hagiographic "John Adams--The Composer," an enlightening "The Making of El Nino" with interviews from all the principals, a discussion on the theatrical value of having all performers play versions of "The Virgin Mary," and an ultimately frustrating avoidance of the implications of the work being "A Cosmopolitan Performance.