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The last chapter examines the Qadiriyya Sufi philosophy and what set them apart from the other intellectual orders (using written texts, hagiographies and the hadith to preach as well as calling upon renowned Ulamas to invoke such belief in them).
If the hagiographies are recorded by males, how does this influence the telling of the stories and how does it place the animals in the context of female saints?
With those two minor critiques aside, this is a well-done study of the role of hagiographies in the Middle Ages.
Regarding spells, Kieschnick believes it possible to use the hagiographies to trace a process of gradual sinicization in their use over several centuries (84-90).
The third chapter, titled "Scholarship," should be read closely by those who focus on scholastic Buddhism in China, because it consists of rich gleanings from the hagiographies about what the course of study of learned monks consisted of, what the life of learning in Buddhist monastic contexts was like, the role of debate and commentary, and the estimation of scholarship relative to other types of monastic activity.
Dendle works with Latin and Old English texts, ranging from the Scriptures and patristic writings to Anglo-Saxon hagiographies (both verse and prose), homilies, and Bede's Historia Ecclesiastica.
Here she is joined by eighteen other women, differing widely in marital and social status, and in useful evidence of their lives, whose hagiographies are perceived as the outcome of a collaboration between their male authors and their female subjects.
Much of what is known about beatas comes either from hagiographies of the founding mothers of beaterios or from trial records of those who ran afoul of the Inquisition.
The library of the Episcopal Palace was burned during the Civil War in the 1930s; the documents remaining in the convents - constitutions, books of customs, chronicles, and hagiographies - were zealously guarded by nuns.
In the second, he provides a historical analysis of the formation of the hagiographies, exploring such factors as authorship and authority, the geography of the authors, the evolution of the hagiographies, and the translation of a biography written around 781.
She fit the description of holiness in the hagiographies, those miracle-laden stories of saints' lives we were addicted to back then: a quiet, prayerful girl who cared more for God than games.