hair trap

hair interceptor, hair trap

hair interceptor
A device used to remove hair before it enters a drainage system.
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The hair trap was attached to a tree 40-50 cm above the ground and within 1-3 m of the visual attractant.
He said: "One visitor to a hair trap was found to be a tree climbing otter.
To prevent a blockage buy a drop-in hair trap to sit over the plug hole.
Introducing Maintenance Gate for shutting off a silo or bin; Angel Hair Trap with drawer and removable screen; and Probe Box for mounting under a silo to allow direct routing of up to four conveying lines.
now offers its Angel Hair Trap in diameters from 8 to 18 in.
This year's use of hair traps was giving a better picture of badger numbers and vaccination levels, and in theory target immunity levels may have been achieved already.
Often times men may find themselves in hairy situations when body hair traps dirt and bacteria producing a foul odor likened to aged cheese that would repulse and repel almost any woman.
On the scalp, the hair traps the scale and stops it being rubbed away.
Fieldwork to set up the scent-baited hair traps and collect hair from the wire corrals and network of bear rubs will begin on 7 June, 2012.
We used two concurrent non-invasive sampling methods, hair traps and bear rubs, to collect bear hair for genetic fingerprinting.
It is advisable not to use camera traps, hair traps, bait stations, etc.