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, hadji, haji
1. a Muslim who has made a pilgrimage to Mecca: also used as a title
2. a Christian of the Greek Orthodox or Armenian Churches who has visited Jerusalem



(also hadji, hajji), the honorary title of a Muslim who has made the pilgrimage (hajj) to Mecca.

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Commenting on Haji Hassan's role as strategic sponsor of the expo, Jubran Abdulrahman, managing director of event organiser Hilal Conferences and Exhibitions, said: "Haji Hassan Group is a pioneer in the construction and building sectors of the GCC.
He was later succeeded by Haji Momin with his younger brother Nasir Khan and fellow MNA from Jamrud Haji Shahji Gul voting in his favour in the 2015 Senate elections.
In a u-turn, the apex court ordered protection of Kinara Mosque near Haji Ali, a portion of which was facing demolition as it was an encroachment.
The man with the most talented entertainment personality emerged as the Haji Firuz of each group.
Haji Ghairat took the family feud to tribal leaders of Kunar.
As a member of the COC Ensemble, Haji has benefited from other high-profile teachers, including Marlena Malas, Timothy Noble and Canada's own Wendy Nielsen.
Haji Fazal Ellahi, who moved to Birmingham in 1958 from Kashmir, chose the name of the trust as Jamia Masjid and Madrassa Faiz Ul Quran Ghousia and 11 trustees were selected.
Friends and community members felt Haji Yaqoob has left a void that cannot be filled.
Al Haji for the great achievement, especially being her first participation in such a reputed international race.
Reggae is still considered an "independent" industry in Cyprus, in the sense that it's all about "Doin' It Yourself", explains Haji Mike.
Amnesty International also welcomed the release of Haji.
Initially, police suspected foul play and spent weeks checking the knots used to create the ligature from which Ms Haji was found hanging.