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, hadji, haji
1. a Muslim who has made a pilgrimage to Mecca: also used as a title
2. a Christian of the Greek Orthodox or Armenian Churches who has visited Jerusalem



(also hadji, hajji), the honorary title of a Muslim who has made the pilgrimage (hajj) to Mecca.

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He said residents for Hajjis are acquired from Azezia which is near to Muzdalfa and Mina while distance from Baitullah is also short.
Sardar Muhammad Yousaf said, during the Hajji Camp all Hajjis will be vaccinated for meningitis and other diseases.
Karachi -- PIA Post Hajj operation of bringing back hajjis to Pakistan commenced on 8th October with five Hajj flights, three for Lahore and one each for Islamabad and Karachi.
The Hajjis were seen off by Director Airport Services PIA, Aijaz Mazhar, Director Flight Operations, Captain Qasim Hayat, Country Manager PIA, Shahbaz Ahmed and other officials of the airline at Jeddah Hajj Terminal.
Naqvi told that these funds are meant for providing assistance to the Hajjis and these are kept in joint accounts.
The director Hajji Camp Golra More said that not a single complaint has been received from any Hajji during current Hajj season.
He said that a total of 163 buildings were hired for the Hajjis this year at a total rent of 355 million riyals.
Banners and posters provided by UNICEF have been displayed at visibility points in Haji Camp Hayatabad along with the routes leading to it that would sensitize the masses and the Hajjis (Pilgrims) about polio, that was not curable once contracted.
PIA has brought back about 100,000 Hajjis to Pakistan.
Talking to media at the Parliament House on Wednesday, he said that if any Haji wanted to offer animal sacrifice personally, there was no barring or objection over such a move; while government charged Saudi Dirham 450 per Haji for animal sacrifices, which can be refunded to hajjis wanting to render animal sacrifice.
KARACHI -- PIA has so far operated 25 Post Hajj flights bringing back more than 12,000 Hajjis from Jeddah to Pakistan through Hajj flights and regular scheduled flights, PIA spokesman said here on Sunday.
Chairman, MKF Haji Masood Pareikh expressed graduate to the Minister for providing best facilities to Hajjis during the Hajj season 2014.