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see halakahhalakah
or halacha
[Heb.,=law], in Judaism, the body of law regulating all aspects of life, including religious ritual, familial and personal status, civil relations, criminal law, and relations with non-Jews.
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The main, definitive question', Ben-Gurion wrote, 'is whether the laws of the state are made by the Nation according to its understanding, needs and spirit as determined by the Nation, or whether the Nation is bound in advance to Halacha and not entitled to make laws that contradict Halacha .
25) The question of whether or not there is any idea of spontaneous political order in halacha still requires elucidation.
Now he is ready to discourse on what is pshat, drash, midrash aggada, and midrash halacha.
First, in the absence of any superior and final authority--civil, religious, or otherwise--that could have unified the Jewish People, every Jewish center adopted its own Jewish customs, its own Jewish practices, and its own interpretations of the Torah and the Halacha.
Rabbi Schlomo Aviner, a leading religious Zionist halacha authority, recently published an article with an unequivocal demand that people sign up for donor cards, the Post reported.
Common in Los Angeles and most big American cities, the eruv -- a thin monofilament line strung from light pole to light pole to symbolically extend a Jew's private domain to everything within the loop -- would enable Jews to carry keys and push strollers on the Sabbath without violating Halacha, or Jewish law.
According to halacha, (98) a marriage may be terminated in only two ways: through the death of a spouse or by divorce through the granting of a get.
Fred Rosner, "Dental Emergencies on The Sabbath, "Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society XIV, on line at http://www.
These Rabbis seek to make the Halacha (set of Jewish statutes) accessible to the broad public, so that anyone can turn to a Rabbi.
And there is no restriction on bigamy coming from the Halacha itself.