half brick

half bat, half brick, snap header

half bat
A brick cut to half its length.
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ka karya (Including all taxes in all items)Class 150 brick work in 1 : 4 cement & coarse sand mortar in foundation upto plinth level (up to two stories ) half brick wall including necessary cutting and moulding of brick work as required.
Tessa Dennis AYOU should not have a singleleaf wall (a half brick thickness) in a habitable house, that's for garage construction.
It's half brick, half glass and was open but is now enclosed with no heating.
Industry standard quarter brick and half brick footprints.
5-65-1 comes in the enhanced half brick package of 2.
He then threw a stone and a half brick at the train which smashed the windscreen.
I'm still puzzled by who left a perfectly formed half brick handily placed on the normally spotless street .
Tenders are invited for Providing and fixing CC paver blocks near over head tank, half brick work in reception and other miscellaneous work in connection with External painting of office block, ancillary building and security fencing from internal side at HPT TV Bathinda Pb.
The half brick provides 20A at 91 percent efficiency and measures 2.
S grill to be fixed over half brick masnory proposed compound wall along front side of Jinaz ghah /Eid-gah within the premises of Main grave yard at Bhaderwah.