Half Line

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half line

[′haf ¦līn]

Half Line


in mathematics, the set of points on a line that lie on one side of some point of the line. The coordinates x of the points of a half line satisfy one, and only one, of the inequalities x > a and x < a, where a is a constant. The point x = a is called the boundary of the half line. If the boundary is included in the half line, the half line is said to be closed. A closed half line is also called a ray.

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Keywords Sets of n-odd prime numbers, Pairs of consecutive odd prime numbers, Mathematical induction, Odd points, Positive directional half line of the number axis, [RLSS.
Eoe1/4EoThe main tactic we use against the Netherlands is to defend at the half line and play for the counter-attack,Eoe1/4A[yen] he said.
Well firstly you have 65-70ft tall cable machines, an inch and a half line that's 4,000ft long, and you're putting 20,000lbs of turn on it.
and an enlarged 13-team entry list for next season that included newboys Mano Campos and USF1, Mosley's 14-year tenure was ended with a two and half line statement.
Beginning with the sentiment that 'for it is rather lyk / an apparence,' each primary half line is both enjambed and closely linked to its secondary half-line.
com APC Smart-UPS 2200 RM 3U Half Line Interactive (SU2200RM3U) / #278 APC Smart-UPS 2200 XL Half Line Interactive (SU2200XLNET) / #280 Tripp Lite SU2200RT 2U / #283 Full Online 773-869-1111 www.
A line of 12 syllables with a caesura, or pause, after the sixth syllable and with major stresses on the sixth and on the last syllable and one secondary accent in each half line.
Corgi Classics' first half line of die-cast miniatures for 2002 is nearly sold out of military and fire department vehicles, before the products even ship to retail.
After announcing details of the settlement and an enlarged 13team entry list for next season that included new boys Mano Campos and USF1, Mosley's 14year tenure was ended with a two and half line statement.
There are one or two alliterating letters in the first half line preceding the medial caesura; these also alliterate with the first stressed syllable in the second half line.
For the MRFC team, Carl who was manning the half line was the man of the night as he was all over the field and was even great in his tackling.
In an effort to attract large number of fans, including expatriates, OBA have announced an array of prizes during the final day with a cash award of RO100 for a participant who could put the ball in the basket from the half line.