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1. Offensive a person whose parents are of different races, esp the offspring of a White person and an American Indian
2. of, relating to, or designating offspring of people or animals of different races or breeds



the offspring produced from interracial marriages. In anthropology, half-breeds usually occupy an intermediate position between the mixed races. In America the offspring of a white person and an American Indian are called half-breeds.

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His grandmother, Caroline Munroe, is a daughter of a Scotch half-breed who is a son of Hector Munroe, one of the early pioneers of Rocky Mountain House.
he became the natural leader of the French-speaking half-breeds of the West in their struggle for self-realization against an expanding Canada.
61) In 1861, the Half-Breed lawyer, Alexander Isbister, argued that since "every married woman and mother of a family throughout the whole extent of the Hudson's Bay territories" was of mixed ascendance, she, along "with her children, [was] the heir to all the wealth of the country.
They would have to provide for half-breed scrip or compensate the half-breed in some way.
4 million acres as well as other protections to "the benefit of the families of the half-breed residents" (Kennedy 643).
But he is thrust back from damnation and spends his time battling the demonic half-breeds on earth in the hope that his actions will eventually buy him a place in Heaven.
The song originated in the Red River Valley in Manitoba and the voice in the song is of a young half-breed girl saying good-bye to the blue-eyed British soldier who had come out to put down the Metis rebellion of the late 1860s.
Don Pedro asked the half-breed, paying no attention to my exclamation.
He is also, while we're going for it, an educationally sub-normal half-breed with an utterly erroneous sense of his own innate superiority based upon evidence so slight that even Kate Moss would consider it to be undernourished.
Cher in plastic: She's a vamp, a half-breed, a dark lady, and now she's been immortalized by Mattel and Bob Mackie in the Cher doll ($40).
The appellate court affirmed their removal from "degraded half-breed Indians" and approved their placement with "the good women of the place.
Because the strength of these walls is the gift of one who overcame death, we don't have to shore them up against the infidel attackers or cast out every suspected half-breed.