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1. Offensive a person whose parents are of different races, esp the offspring of a White person and an American Indian
2. of, relating to, or designating offspring of people or animals of different races or breeds



the offspring produced from interracial marriages. In anthropology, half-breeds usually occupy an intermediate position between the mixed races. In America the offspring of a white person and an American Indian are called half-breeds.

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He added, disdainfully, that the federal government's policy to issue scrip had been given a wide interpretation such that "every Half-breed who could ever show that he had been on a reserve got scrip.
In so doing, it followed a precedent inaugurated in the first Indian Act, 1876, which explicitly excluded any "half-breed in Manitoba who has shared in the distribution of half-breed lands" or any "half-breed head of a family (except the widow of an Indian, or a half-breed who has already been admitted into a treaty)" (Acts 577).
Jefferson haters called the challenger a fraud, a coward, a thief, and "a mean-spirited, low-lived fellow, the son of a half-breed Indian squaw, sired by a Virginia mulatto father.
wed)They included 30 half-breed Cheviot Leicesters and one pure-breed Cheviot.
Bonita Lawrence's work is a continuation of powerful works like Howard Adams' Prison of Grass (1975) and Maria Campbell's Half-Breed (1973) and more recent works by Joseph Bruchac, Bowman's Store (Lee & Low Books, 2001) and Warren Carriou's, Lake of the Prairies (Anchor, 2003).
Deep Reconnaissance Team 2113 is sent there undercover and one of the members is Kadar San, a half-breed human Zentadon with telepathic powers.
But Reeves, who plays John Constantine born with the ability to recognise half-breed angels and demons, fails to conjure a single credible emotion - and there's no sexual chemistry with Weisz.
John Constantine (Reeves) was born with a terrible gift: the ability to recognise the half-breed angels and demons who walk the Earth in human form.
Born with the terrible "gift" of being able to see the half-breed demons and angels that walk the earth in human form, the tormented youngster was driven to take his own life (a Catholic sin that gets you a one-way ticket to Hell).
Peinado the half-breed sees himself as the voice of a geography without territory.
Marcus takes his time developing the book's heroes: the capable half-breed Billy Powell and the noble Abraham, the former military commander who runs the famed sanctuary deep in the Florida Everglades for runaway slaves.
And half-breed just can't be said in polite company any more.