half-lap joint

half-lap joint, halved joint, halving joint

half-lap joint
A joint at the intersection of two wood members of equal thickness in which half the thickness of each is removed so that they fit together to form a flush surface.
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Predrill to avoid hitting the screws that hold the half-lap joint together.
For extra strength and longevity, we assembled it with half-lap joints, screws and exterior glue.
Cutting accurate half-lap joints is the trickiest part of this project.
T required a Lansing cabinet shop to mill the boards with a rabetted, half-lap joint.
Because each half-lap joint is assembled with one piece upside down, you need to flip either part A or part B over (not both), and flip over one part C, before you can cut the beveled ends.
You can do this by fixing an additional piece of post using half-lap joints and galvanised screws.
Then set up a simple jig (Photo 12) to use with your router to make the half-lap joints on the ends of all the stile and rails.