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1. half a pint, esp of beer
2. Scot a small drink of spirits, esp whisky
3. Golf an equal score on a hole or round with an opponent
4. (in various games) either of two periods of play separated by an interval (the first half and second half)
5. short for halfpenny
6. Sport short for halfback

What does it mean when you dream about a half of something?

The notion of half can be expressed in dreams in a number of different ways. A door half open can indicate indecision. If cut in half, one is in conflict with oneself, between one’s mind and one’s body.

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Option 3: Based on an alternative term time pattern followed by other counties including Warwickshire - with both the autumn and spring half-term breaks a week later than currently.
The plans include a review of the length of the autumn term when considering where autumn half-term falls, and to consider Leicestershire term times alongside neighbouring local authorities.
For a family of four wanting to visit Longleat Forest in Wiltshire, a two-bedroom Woodland Lodge currently stands at PS1,449 for a Monday-to-Friday getaway during the English half-term.
When it comes to prices, one example of a saving is at the Bognor Regis resort, where you can expect to pay PS151 per person to stay at the Shoreline Hotel for a Monday-to-Friday trip during the half-term dates for English pupils.
More inspiration for things to do over half-term can be found on the National Trust's list of "50 things to do before you're 113/4" - www.
Stephen Humphreys, British Airways head of UK&I sales and marketing, said: The half-term holiday, whether it s a long-haul flight to the sun or a quick city break to Europe, is becoming more popular each passing year, and 2015 is no exception.
A trip to Benidorm with Thomas Cook would cost PS615 for a family of four in the week before February half-term.
Case study 'Vouchers and points save PSs' JANINE and Paul Brook make the most of discount vouchers, store loyalty points and cashback websites to keep half-term costs to a minimum.
Nick Mercer, commercial director, said, 'This has been one of our busiest February half-term weeks for several years.
Families heading off on the half-term getaway are being warned to take extra care on the roads as freezing temperatures create hazardous driving conditions.
MC) has found in a study that half-term breaks could be costlier than holidays taken during the end of the month.
A Labour MP will miss three crunch House of Commons votes because he has decided to spend half-term with his children.