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Since the wire antenna is similar to a half-wave dipole and the cable in a typical setup usually much longer than the board size, the effective length of the wire antenna can be approximated as the cable length, [l.
Two half-wave dipole antennas 900 MHz and 1800 MHz were used as the exposure sources for this study.
Each of them can be simply model by a half-wave dipole connected to the different positions in feed line.
The first example considers a half-wave dipole placed directly on the lossy ground, Fig.
The large effect of directivity is easily seen when comparing a horn antenna with as much as 30- dBi gain--dBi means dB relative to isotropic--and a much less directional half-wave dipole with 2.
A half-wave dipole antenna is used as a standard of comparison.
The multi-band bridge is enclosed in an aluminum housing and includes two half-wave dipole antennas.
A standard half-wave dipole antenna was used as the exposure source for this study.
In formula (2), the dipole element can be equivalent to a half-wave dipole and the array-element function can take cos[([pi]/2) sin[delta]]/cos[delta].
The capacitively-loaded structure makes the antenna have a smaller size in comparison with the conventional half-wave dipole antennas at a given operating frequency.
A half-wave dipole one-quarter wavelength above a ground plane has an effective area of 0.
Early research during World War II determined the ideal form for a radar reflective countermeasure material should be a thin filament cut in length at just under half the wavelength of the radar to be countered, now known as a half-wave dipole.