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1. half a pint, esp of beer
2. Scot a small drink of spirits, esp whisky
3. Golf an equal score on a hole or round with an opponent
4. (in various games) either of two periods of play separated by an interval (the first half and second half)
5. short for halfpenny
6. Sport short for halfback

What does it mean when you dream about a half of something?

The notion of half can be expressed in dreams in a number of different ways. A door half open can indicate indecision. If cut in half, one is in conflict with oneself, between one’s mind and one’s body.

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The central bank says in its half-yearly Financial Stability Report that British banks' holdings of sovereign debt issued by countries under heightened strain are relatively small.
Caretakers can also give payments in advance for the yearly or half-yearly food support,.
This specialist team will allow an increased transaction flow for the remainder of the year, to build further on the half-yearly profits.
Half-yearly commercial airline fatality figures for recent years.
Importantly, the time allowed for the completion of company financial reports has been tightened - 60 days for half-yearly reports, compared with 90 days previously, and 120 days for annual reports, against 180 days.
Investors will be anxious to hear the initial response of water utility group Kelda to industry regulator's pricing review when it posts half-yearly results on Wednesday.
8% rise in half-yearly operating profits before goodwill to pounds 171m, following a period of significant upheaval in which AWG ruled out a break-up of the group.
The Luton-based company said business was 'stable' as it revealed its trading update prior to reporting its half-yearly figures in November.
Although United's PLC met on Friday - and will met again this week - the only matters discussed were United's half-yearly trading figures.
0% from a year earlier for the fifth consecutive half-yearly fall and the biggest half-yearly drop since the 40.
Richmond Foods, tel:0167 742 3397, in their half-yearly report note that their acquisition of the ice cream business Allied Frozen Foods became unconditional near the beginning of last month.
6% on the first six months of last year, a decline attributed to the difference between extraordinary half-yearly profits for 1998 and 1997, which included capital gains from the sale of Powerfin shares to Tractebel (about USD50 million), prior to the merger of the two companies.