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(hăl'əlo͞o`yə) or


(ăl–) [Heb.,=praise the Lord], joyful expression used in Hebrew worship; cf. Pss. 104–6, 111–13, 115–17, 135, 146–50. Christian liturgies make wide use of it, particularly at Easter time. The Hallelujah Chorus is the brilliant concluding piece of Part II of Handel's Messiah.


, halleluiah, alleluia
a musical composition that uses the word Hallelujah as its text
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Hallelujah picked up a 5lb penalty for the prestigious handicap, taking her weight to 9st 5lb.
A protracted snowball effect that, over the course of several decades, has turned Hallelujah into one of the most-loved, most-performed, and most-misunderstood compositions of all time.
Hallelujah is 14-1 with the sponsor alongside seven others at the head of the market, including Victoire De Lyphar, who was cut from 16-1 yesterday.
They have been rehearsing for eight weeks as part of Sing Hallelujah, a BBC and English National Opera.
X Factor winner Alexandra Burke's cover of the Leonard Cohen classic Hallelujah may have been musical murder but it is proving a big hit at funerals.
The album collects together tracks from his sole studio album Grace, session sketches for a sophomore set, live performances and a previously unreleased cover of The Smiths' I Know It's Over, the latter set delicately in Hallelujah mould.
But it's a good introduction from any newcomers whose interest has been perked by Hallelujah confirming that, although he didn't quite have the vocal range or charisma of his dad Tim, he was an artist of massive potential.
In every shop across the nation, On every single music station, From the radio next to every water cooler, My mournful words come ringing out, Leaving not a shred of doubt That the song in every heart is Hallelujah.
Two other versions of Hallelujah will also feature in the Top 40.
Clutching a copy of her new single Hallelujah, she said: "This is for everyone who voted for me.
Written by co-editor of "LUNA: A Journal of Poetry and Translation" Alex Lemon, Hallelujah Blackout is a collection of energetic poetry that plays up both the good and the bad of the human condition.
Lerman's past choreography includes politically outspoken pieces like 1983's Docudance: Nine Short Dances About the Defense Budget and Other Military Matters; site-specific works like 1986's Still Crossing, a study in immigration performed in view of the Statue of Liberty; and community-based residencies, most prominently the 1999-2002 15-city Hallelujah project.