halogen lamp

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tungsten-halogen lamp

A tungsten-filament incandescent lamp which is filled with a gas containing halogens; the envelope, made of quartz or other material that can be subjected to high-temperature, is small compared with standard lamps of equivalent wattage; formerly known as quartz-iodine lamp.
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An important feature of lights in an airfield, which the tungsten halogen lamp is suited to, is the ability of the control circuit to modify the brilliancy of the lights in relation to the operating conditions; day or night, good visibility or poor.
In the process, they replaced the halogen lamp and hence made no use of electricity
Thornaby fire station Watch Manager Marti Pottinger said: "It looks like a very bright halogen lamp had been left on quite close to paper, which smouldered and ignited.
Since the transfer standard of spectral irradiance, a 1 kW quartz halogen lamp, has a spectral distribution that approximates that of a blackbody radiator at 3000 K, this process of scale realization required five intermediate steps to increase the spectral irradiance output above that of the gold freezing-temperature blackbody.
This device, called the Billiblanket, consists of a halogen lamp that feeds light into 2,400 fiberoptic cables, each one ending inside a woven pad.
Now that the tungsten halogen lamp was more compact, the fixtures became smaller while the lamp source became hotter to maintain the halogen regenerative effect.
A halogen lamp in the basement flat at Moor End Road in Lockwood had been accidentally left on or knocked over and set fire to bedding at 2.
Some retailers won't go near a halogen lamp because of negative consumer perception of the halogen technology.
Several nations already require such a glass cover for certain models of lamps, though its purpose is to protect consumers if the halogen lamp were to shatter.
The new LM16 LED Lamp not only matches the performance, appearance and ANSI form factor of the traditional halogen lamp, but also works with a broad range of transformers and dimmers to seamlessly replace it in existing systems.
Spectrolab's solar cell is now among a number of prominent R&D award recipients, such as the automated teller machine in 1973, the halogen lamp in 1974, the fax machine in 1975 and the Nicoderm anti-smoking patch in 1992.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission has joined with the halogen lamp industry to recall for in-home repair some 40 million torchiere floor lamps that the government says can cause fires.