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The visual display of feet hammering away at the stage in tune to lively music is incredible.
We will discuss it and we have to keep hammering away.
They were still hammering away deep inside Cardiff's half when they spilled the ball and wing Ryan Howells sprinted 70 metres up the right touchline for an opportunist try.
They can be sat nine cars back from the actual lights and they're hammering away on the horn the second the light goes green.
Playing with the wind in the second half, Aberavon spent a large part of the final quarter hammering away at the Munster line, but just needed one more score.
With the score at 22-17 in Northampton's favour, but with the Scarlets hammering away desperately searching for a try that would preserve their Heineken ambition, he firstly made a superb covering tackle to deny opposite number Liam Williams in a corner.
While many SEO firms are still hammering away at businesses to sign up for their various services via spammy emails, sponsored links, and pushy telemarketer, Re-Evolution SEO has seen the future of the Search Engine Optimization/Marketing field.
As Judith Martin, who doles out etiquette advice as 'Miss Manners,' told The New York Times last year in an article on the disappearing telephone call, 'I've been hammering away at this for decades.
It is a point Pierre Rosanvallon (1) has been hammering away at for years, and Stephane Gerson's elegant and learned book fleshes it out from a novel angle and with a fine-grained attention to nuance and ambivalence.
The workers hammering away next to the cathedral are constructing a rectangular building that will run parallel to the church, with a garden and walkway in between, containing 42 apartment units and ground-floor commercial space targeted at medical professionals or similar tenants.
But Mr Field, a former welfare minister, said: "I have been hammering away at this for years and previous bills were blocked by ministers.
The media must keep hammering away at the youngsters," says Nevin, "and get across the seriousness of diabetes Type 2, along with the fact that it can be managed with exercise and a healthy diet.