hand file

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A metal (usually steel) tool having a rectangular, triangular, round, or irregular section and either tapering or of uniform width and thickness, covered on one or more of its surfaces with teeth or oblique ridges; used for abrading, reducing, or smoothing metal, wood, or other materials.
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Root canal transportation with a Ni-Ti rotary file system and stainless steel hand files in simulated root canals.
In such a case, the instrumentation with the F2 would be carried to a level coronal to the curvature; the preparation of the apical part would then be completed with hand files.
Effectiveness of two nickel-titanium rotary instruments and a hand file for removing gutta-percha in severely curved root canals during retreatment: an ex vivo study.
We recommend that you sharpen it with a hand file (Photo 4).
Then I would see the tool room technicians hand file the template.
The root canals were prepared following an endodontic hand file technique using a Flexofile K file.
To get the slide configuration that I wanted, it took several hours with a hand file, followed by a belt sander and hand sanding to re-contour the slide.
In most cases the technique only requires one hand file followed by one single WaveOneTM file to completely shape the canal.
It would be impossible to etch checkering like this with a hand file because the area you'd want to checker is surrounded by stuff you just don't want to cut.
They found that rotary and ultrasonic techniques removed significantly more residues than the hand file and irrigating solution techniques.