hand file

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A metal (usually steel) tool having a rectangular, triangular, round, or irregular section and either tapering or of uniform width and thickness, covered on one or more of its surfaces with teeth or oblique ridges; used for abrading, reducing, or smoothing metal, wood, or other materials.
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Broadband optical absorber, on the other hand, can be produced in quantity and then cut and shaped easily with a knife and a hand file, or can be precisely machined to fit the equipment as needed, he added.
The article and the AT&T Labs research program upon which it is based discuss a well-known method of defeating traditional master key systems requiring only the simplest of tools - a few key blanks and a hand file - and no special training.
Tenders are invited for Hand File Flate Smooth With Two Sq Edge Size:400Mm 16 Long Asper Is:1931/2000-Table-1-Rev-2 Make- Hindusthan And Jk-Escon.