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(1) See Apple Handoff.

(2) To transfer from one function or system to another. For example, driverless cars require a handoff from automatic to the human driver when a situation arises that it cannot figure out on its own.

(3) Switching a cellular phone call from one radio channel to another. Also called "handover," it mostly occurs when a mobile user travels into the range of an adjacent cell. However, when there is excessive interference on a radio channel, switching can occur within the same cell.

The handoff can be managed within the base station; the base station controller (BSC) that manages several base stations; or the mobile switching center (MSC) that sets up and tears down the calls. The switch typically takes place in about a quarter second so that the caller is unaware of it.
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The company was created to help hospitals adopt safer handoff practices across disciplines and units as efficiently and effectively as possible.
The Joint Commission (2008) initially defined handoff as "the real-time process of passing patient-specific information from one caregiver to another, or from one team of caregivers to another for the purpose of ensuring the continuity and safety of a patient's care" (p.
In the heterogeneous wireless network selection of best network for handoff process while to maintaining QoS is a crucial task for the mobile devices.
Findings from this study revealed that patient handoff was a critical issue that required further investigation with a more robust tool due to risks associated with poor communication of patient information (Kear & Ulrich, 2015; Ulrich & Kear, 2014).
Handoff between two base stations (BSs) of the same system is called Horizontal handoff.
Our IP-to-IP soft handoff mechanism delivers this flexibility, and a superior experience to all users of our solutions, said Jim Brewer, VP of Voice Services for Peerless Network.
Multihoming with Intelligent make-before-break in NEMO (MI-NEMO) is a new Infrastructure independent handoff approach that has been developed in [9].
With the airspaces being adjacent, it's easy to assume you'll get a handoff.
Wang & Wang, 2009), los esquemas de handoff espectral son determinantes para el desempeno de las comunicaciones del SU, a traves de la reduccion del numero promedio de cambios de canal y el correspondiente nivel de latencia, garantizando una transmision de datos continua en las comunicaciones del SU, por tanto, los modelos de handoff espectral son un tema importante en la radio cognitiva (Christian et al.
Add in the fact that logistical coordination tasks are not likely to be reimbursed--at least not right now--and it's understandable why behavioral providers are reluctant to operationalize accountability in the handoff process.
Keywords: UMTS and Wireless LAN; interworking architecture; handoff algorithm
As part of Continuity, Handoff performs better in transitioning from using your iPhone or iPad and vice versa but certain abilities are still missing.