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A Hang Fire platter populated with six-hour smoked St Louis ribs, four-hour smoked chicken and enough sauces and pickles to sink a ship.
It's no understatement to say the menu will be amazing, with contributions from Hang Fire, as well as Penylan Pantry - famous for their ethical and sustainable approach to delicious food.
So this year hang fire before dismissing the sport out of hand.
For that to happen Cranie has to agree to a new deal that he has so far opted to hang fire on signing until the end of the season, while it is hoped Keogh will also be offered an extension to his current deal which has another 12 month to run.
The Sweden international's ambition of playing for a titlechasing club means he will hang fire on any decision until after the European Championship finals next summer.
The development of sector I-11/1 and I-11/2 was on hang fire for last twenty years due to land dispute between victims of Bokra Saraheen and CDA.
I think we have taken the decision to hang fire on that, see how the preseason goes and then make a decision in the weeks before the season starts.
I had to ring the lads to tell them to hang fire with the golf as I was doing my bit for the club.
But at the moment, we are going to have to hang fire.
PATIENCE is a virtue, or so the old saying goes, and those punters who can hang fire to the last at Kempton can reap the rewards.
As this was the first ever hang fire of a missile on an F-16, there were no established procedures for handling all the repercussions from this malfunction.
City boss Stuart Pearce has hinted that Cole could be offered a new deal - but he'll have to hang fire until later in the season to see how their campaign pans out.