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Resignation hangs heavily in the photographs of Charif Benhelima and Patrick Wokmeni, who depict denied asylum seekers and disenchanted migrants, respectively, as individuals caught outside the bounds of time and place.
Adam is a bully with a violent demeanor, and the tension between he and Paul hangs heavily in the aftermath of a fight between them.
SIR - There are some rugby games where the time hangs heavily.
But he had sharper words for Russia over its refusal to bring down the price of gas supplies to Ukraine which hangs heavily on the country's cash-strapped economy.
The subject appears to to be in a prison yard, where the inevitability of reconfinement hangs heavily.
The threat of naming all civil servants earning more than David Cameron hangs heavily around Whitehall.
Menace hangs heavily in the air like a storm cloud.
NOSTALGIA hangs heavily in the air when the stakes are at their highest on an Anfield European night and that will again be the case this evening.
WHILE the spectre of closure hangs heavily over some UK tracks, it is a case of a new stadium opening its gates in Northern Ireland, with Drumbo Park set to stage its first meeting next Thursday.
The not-so-faint echo of the chief financial officer and his minions, chanting the fiscal mantra "cheapest is best," hangs heavily in the air.
It remains to be seen whether member states will dare, when the time comes, to use the capacity for integration to delay the accession of a candidate country even if, as acknowledged by Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi, "the constitutional question hangs heavily over the enlargement debate".