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On a round-UK cruise from Hamburg, Hanseatic only carries 184 passengers and often cruises to the Antarctic.
In its heyday the Hanseatic League was a powerful organization of German merchants that dominated overseas trade in northern Europe from the 13th to the 15th century.
Among those who seven hundred years ago started the Hanseatic League, those who traded goods and different cultures, were our ancestors.
In central Sweden there is evidence that flat barley bread was replaced during the Hanseatic period by leavened bread made from rye.
Commercial warfare, the Hanseatic cities quickly learned, loomed central to revolutionary conflict, bringing "virtually no recognition of neutral commercial rights" (210).
Operating from Limassol, Cyprus, perched only 150 miles from Beirut at the crossroads of Europe and the Middle East, Hanseatic was created in 1972 by the Schulte Group of Companies, a German maritime firm that traces its roots back to a traditional 19th century Hamburg shipping family.
An inward investment team led by Tyne and Wear Development Company helped Hanseatic with its investment plans and played a key role in the company picking Newcastle instead of Rotterdam for its new base.
Mark Johnston, trainer of Hanseatic League, went one better with the toughas-teak Michaels Pride in the ten-furlong handicap.
It added that it intends to sell properties, including those at the HTC Hanseatic Trade Center, Hamburg, worth around pounds 250 million in 2005.
She was made to work hard before getting the better of Hanseatic League by three-quarters of a length in the five-furlong dash.
These economic facts may be the secret of all the northern empires-the Vikings, the Swedes the Hanseatic League, and even the Russians - it was just too cold to go home to bed so they stayed to talk.