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Mishima committed ritual hara-kiri and was then beheaded by his lover.
The suspect, who apparently tried to commit suicide by hara-kiri at the scene, is still in hospital, the police said.
The anti-locking braking system is extremely efficient as I discovered when another driver with a death wish decided to attempt hara-kiri in front of me.
But no-one told the visitors' batsmen who performed cricketing hara-kiri at Ainley Top as they fell to Barry Veasey and Ashley Haywood for just 58.
While the English and French clubs seem intent on following the soccer model and committing rugby's version of hara-kiri, the ramifications for Celtic and Italian rugby are obvious.
In contrast to the bloody and repressive tactics that Sanchez de Lozada's security forces used on the protestors of Black October (see NotiSur, 2004-10-29), Mesa has decided on threats of political hara-kiri as his method of self-defense.
Rumsfeld would have honorably taken his own life by committing hara-kiri following the prisoner abuse scandal.
It was sitcom powermeisters Harry Thomas and Linda Bloodworth-Thomas who burnished candidate Bill Clinton's powerhouse media persona during the 1992 elections; more recently, fundraising dynamo Barbra Streisand seemed on the verge of hara-kiri after last November's election catastrophe.
And throughout any animal's life, once immune cells ward off a dangerous microbe, they typically perform this hara-kiri.
Loudly applauded at home and abroad, such political hara-kiri weighs heavily on what had been the world's longest-ruling party.
They said Sayaka Horibe died of stab wounds to the neck and abdomen after being attacked by her 45-year-old husband, who apparently tried to kill himself by committing hara-kiri.