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see portport,
a natural or artificial harbor and its terminal facilities for the transfer of goods and passengers to or from waterborne means of transport. Port cities are located on oceans, lakes, rivers, and canals in places where access to the hinterland provides a large volume of
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What does it mean when you dream about a harbor?

A ship anchored at harbor can symbolize the feeling that something or someone is “all washed up”, as well respite from a hard siege. Ships also represent a place of security to hide or to regroup.


Any body of water of sufficient depth for ships to enter and find shelter from storms or other natural phenomena. Also known as port.


(US), harbor
a sheltered port
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NPR directors, producers and reporters often elicit the help of Robert Goldstein, NPR's music librarian, harborer of about 5,000 CDs and 3,500 LPs, searchable in a database by artist, song, instruments and keywords, such as emotional states.
Our patients routinely present themselves clinically in predictable ways and also describe their experiences as harborers of parasitic infection in replicable ways.
Healthcare environments including long-term care facilities are notorious harborers of bacteria (MRSA, VRE, C.