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The hard steel pitons that had become the company's trademark were damaging and disfiguring rock faces as climbers hammered them in and out of cracks.
Not a pre-war by any means and not a hard steel structure.
The NanoSteel Company has introduced a new Super Hard Steel alloy, SHS 8000, for coating solutions in the power generation industry that improves reliability and availability, and increases the lifetime of pressure parts.
Reduction of vibrations is achieved by inserting elastic layer between hard steel wheel tyre, and wheel centre.
TWENTY-six-hundred tonnes of cold, hard steel was never meant to stir the soul.
The coolant works in systems that grind hard steel alloys, ceramics, titanium, and exotic medical and space-age materials.
Do you trust the Web and the considerable technology defenses of the company to protect your critical information, or do you trust the hard steel of the lock box and the near impenetrable bank vault?
The current feel isn't cold hard steel and glass but the essentials laid bare.
While the thick, ornate pads that cover most mattresses are necessary to keep the hard steel springs inside, they create a hammock effect outside--and can actually cause pressure points.
Designs, builds and samples precision plastic injection molds, including multi-cavity, hard steel, auto-unscrewing, two-shot, high-production molds.
I suppose if you put a huge block of hard steel in there, it may not be able to digest that," Brandon says of Morbark's primary reducer the Predator.
In the disciplinary unit at the Lane County Jail on Friday, Sister Margaret Graziano, 86, sat at a hard steel table with John Pennington, who - by his own admission - has been in and out of the place for half his life and can't remember the last time he had a visitor.