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Having grown up in and around Worcester,'' he says, "there are some autobiographical elements, particularly the inclusion of the hard-core music scene.
But without the leadership, organizational skills, and manpower of the hard-core Marxists, it is fairly certain that the "Great American Boycott"--and the demonstrations that preceded it--would have failed to turn out the huge numbers that they did.
Having now studied the entire process for dealing with hard-core drunk drivers, it is clear that the most immediate need is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the monitoring process," said Herb Simpson, TIRF's president and CEO.
The kinds of things, in other words, that cannot be captured by hard-core porn--where, as Vladimir Nabokov wrote in the afterword to Lolita, "action has to be limited to the copulation of cliches" and "style, structure, imagery should never distract the reader from his tepid lust"--or by sex toy demonstrations.
6) Incidental to hate crimes, these hard-core skinheads commit petty thefts or sell small amounts of narcotics to support daily needs, such as food, cigarettes, and alcohol and other drugs.
To me, hard-core bowhunting is an intense, take-no-prisoners, maximum effort approach to bowhunting.
Improving our nation's ability to consistently impose sanctions on hard-core offenders is the next big step in further reducing drunk-driving fatalities.
Yahoo's game is a little less hard-core, but also free.
WARWICK University was deluged with complaints after a US company hijacked its name in an attempt to distribute hard-core porn via its e- mail.
This line will be a little less hard-core hip-hop," says Reynolds.
BIRMINGHAM City Football Club co-owner David Sullivan has accused film censors of being out of touch over hard-core pornography.
In fact, the reason for their hard-core ideological stance might be that their re-election depends more on the results of the Republican primaries than on the general election.