hardened shelter

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blast pen

blast pen
Open blast pen.
blast pen
A covered blast pen.
Small enclosures surrounded by a strong embankment on two or three sides but open from the front (and in some cases also from the rear to cater for jet efflux or to permit entry of aircraft) to admit and store aircraft. Blast pens are also designed for storing or parking missiles, specialist vehicles, etc. Also called a hardened shelter.


An area protected on three sides by sandbags, concrete, compacted earth, or other material. The aim is to provide blast protection to the aircraft, weapon system, or essential equipment inside and beyond the revetment. Also called a blast fence, open blast pen, or hardened shelter.
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With both white LED and red LED "black out" lighting capability, our Hardened Shelter Light delivers both a tactical and energy efficient solution available for hardened, semi-permanent shelters, such as the Sierra Nevada Mobile Command Centers.
The project involves Classified Design-Bid-Build new construction of Hardened Shelters and Support facilities at a base in Israel.
The North Koreans have hundreds of Frog and Scud-type missiles, along with thousands of multiple rocket launchers, deployed in caves and hardened shelters that can be rolled out and fired with very little warning.