hardware appliance

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hardware appliance

A device that is dedicated to a specific function in contrast to a general-purpose computer. The hardware comes pre-installed with its operating system and application. Many consider the router to be the first network appliance.

A "software appliance" is the software alone, which must be installed in the computer. Following is a list of common hardware appliances. See virtual appliance.

    caching appliance
    digital appliance
    email appliance
    firewall appliance
    Internet appliance
    Internet server appliance
    network appliance
    server appliance
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VMI-in-a-Box offers all of the benefits of Virtual Mobile Infrastructure, but it also accelerates deployment and provides verified virtual and hardware appliances to optimize performance.
Usm Standard Logger, Hardware Appliance: Usm Standard Logger, Hardware Appliance - License For One (1) Usm Standard Logger Hardware Appliance - Hardware Deployment Option, Includes Titan Series Hardware - First Year Support & Maintenance Included - First Year Lightspeed Replacement Service Included - Shipping Included - 1.
The Mobile IAM hardware appliance costs $23,995, and 3,000 device scalabilty add-ons are $19,995.
Astaro, a provider of Internet security appliances, has announced that its Astaro Command Center (ACC) central management platform is now available as a range of dedicated hardware appliances, alongside its previous software and virtual appliance formats.
Bivio's products combine a network hardware appliance platform specifically tailored to the requirements of packet handling and an open Linux-based execution environment augmented by a comprehensive set of common networking and management functions.
For the data center or enterprise headquarters, Nasuni is offering a hardware appliance with 6 TB of local capacity for $5,499, allowing strong on-premise control and support.
As virtualization becomes increasingly established in the enterprise, this report validates the importance of high-performance virtualized application acceleration solutions, which significantly reduce hardware footprints and offer scalability advantages over hardware appliances.
We used the same approach for the Tenable virtual and hardware appliances which means customers already familiar with our virtual appliance can immediately make use of the same technology running on high speed hardware.
rBuilder gives SOASTA the ability to use one set of rPath specifications to generate multiple image types to deploy on a VMware([R]) hypervisor, Amazon EC2 or a customers' hardware appliance.
First Ever Virtualized Recovery Hardware Appliance Generally Available in North America
The Tideway virtual appliance is a pre-built, pre-configured, ready-to-run solution that leverages underlying hardware while eliminating the cost and time typically associated with hardware appliance installations.
Zenoss Hardware Appliance and VMware Software Appliance Now Available

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