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the male of the deer, esp the red deer aged five years or more


1. Lorenz. 1895--1943, US lyricist: collaborated with Richard Rodgers in writing musicals
2. Moss. 1904--61, US dramatist: collaborated with George Kaufman on Broadway comedies and wrote libretti for musicals


(Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) A widely used wired sensor network protocol that dates back to the Bell 202 standard in the 1980s. An extension to the 4-20 mA analog signal, HART superimposes a 1,200 bps signal onto the line that provides bi-directional communications with instruments in the field. See 4-20 mA and WirelessHART.
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At that point, Hart broached the possibility of playing the games back-to-back.
Hart justifies this extraordinary ruse--as he does all things in his life--on grounds of high public purpose: Henry Adams used the same device, after all, in The Education of Henry Adams, the better to focus on the important issues at hand.
After a racially motivated brawl in April -- which led to four arrests -- Hart students and staff members decided to wage a fight of their own.
The path that took Broadhurst to the Hart campaign began in Crowley, Louisiana in the heart of Acadia, the oil-gas-and-gumbo region that is home to Louisiana's Cajuns.
In addition, Hart InterCivic's eSlate Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) equipment made its live election debut as it was used for the first time in the November 8th pilot election in Woburn, Massachusetts.
It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing because there's going to be a lot of people there,'' Hart quarterback Alex Pettee said.
Hart complex, and the well-stocked snack bar does plenty of business, thanks to volunteer workers.
Hart InterCivic's eScan successfully completed its federal certification process this week.
She's looking for the Indians to win the title after losing in finals in three of the past four seasons, and Hart and Canyon (23-7) then have Southern California Regionals for the state championship.
My staff and I are very pleased to be working on this long-term project with Hart InterCivic, a team of very dedicated individuals with the experience and knowledge necessary to help us successfully roll out our new automated records management system," said Register Bernard J.
It was the second time in three years Buena (18-4-2) eliminated Hart (22-5-1) from the playoffs.
We are extremely excited to be introducing A2 to the local government marketplace," said Britt Kauffman, President and CEO of Hart InterCivic, Inc.