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Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it makes for great telly - after all, it's everyone's dream to have that kind of drama happen, especially on the final day of filming like that - but our health and safety guy was having kittens.
Bet the bookies who paid out early were having kittens though.
Branch co-ordinator Chris Osborne said: "We carried out a free neutering campaign in February of this year and neutered around 420 cats in total, however, we are still having kittens handed in to us, so the neutering message is not getting around.
However, 16 minutes earlier, Bruce was having kittens on the touchline after claims that Southgate blocked Melchiot's header with his arm.
If the stray and feral cats that survive the winter start having kittens, people are going to be up in arms," Overholser says.
She had spent all of her life having kittens, with no care or love in her life, and yet she has so much to give.
Before you know it, the cats are being dumped on the streets or they are having kittens and charities are being left to pick up the pieces.
all on g g h "Excuse the pun, but I'm having kittens.
As for Ashbrittle, his connections are having kittens about him getting into a race at the Festival, so a win on his handicap debut will surely settle their nerves.
My grandparents, if they were still with us, would be having kittens many times over.
Our team manager John Stokoe's wife, Jenny, was watching the Leeds game on TV, and she was having kittens on the other end of the phone trying to tell us what was happening.

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