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(MIT) 1. To fail. A program loses when it encounters an exceptional condition or fails to work in the expected manner.

2. To be exceptionally unesthetic or crocky.

3. Of people, to be obnoxious or unusually stupid (as opposed to ignorant).

4. Refers to something that is losing, especially in the phrases "That's a lose!" and "What a lose!"
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Multan, Feb 20(ANI): Having nothing to lose after having already been ousted as Pakistan's former Foreign Minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi has lambasted the United States over a number of matters, and also revealed that he was asked to keep silent on the Raymond Davis issue.
Quite what Carlo Ancelotti thinks of Terry's stark assessment is open to debate, although it did fit in with the 29-year-old's general mood of having nothing to lose.
They aren't expected to win and having nothing to lose so they can play a much more flowing game and go out to have fun.
Naturally with Tottenham having nothing to lose, they were putting balls forwards and anything could have broken in the box.
It seems Davies is right about having nothing to lose.
That's all it took - a tragic but relatively minor event triggered a national crisis as thousands of young people took to the streets to express their rage, their hunger for excitement, and their sense of having nothing to lose.
It was always going to be difficult because it was a big game with a big crowd and the Blues having nothing to lose.
Old Karl Marx used to talk about the workers having nothing to lose but their chains.
While happy with Saturday's hard-fought 1-1 draw in Lincolnshire, Hendrie is wary of the Dr Martens Eastern Division high-fliers having nothing to lose on his patch.
But Derry can't shoot as badly again, and they do have that freshness and impetus coming to Croke Park and having nothing to lose.