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In a world governed by hawks, one has to become hawkish to remain in power.
The tone of the accompanying statement maintained a slightly hawkish bias as the CBR still appears concerned that the recent pick-up in headline CPI above the target range (despite its transitory nature) may affect broader inflation expectations.
Whether Obama has the will to manoeuvre Israeli policy towards its neighbour we will discover over the next few years but Netanyahu is in a weaker position than he was a week ago and a less hawkish, more subdued Netanyahu, has to be a good thing.
Britain and France, the most hawkish EU countries, failed to convince other member states to impose oil embargos on Iran.
dollar marched to the upper 83 yen range Friday morning in Tokyo as more hawkish remarks from Federal Reserve officials added to market expectations about an early exit from its ultra-easy monetary policy.
Israel's new coalition government is headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the hawkish Likud Party and a pronounced hard-liner on the Palestine issue.
Analysts have expressed concern that Netanyahu's hawkish government could mean a further stalling of the peace process.
A poll published by Haaretz newspaper on Sept 16 gave the popular foreign minister 47% support against 28% for the hawkish transport minister.
Iran, the second-biggest producer in the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, traditionally takes a hawkish view.
argues that traditional Just War theory contains out-of-date assumptions and has become too rigid and unable to adapt to contemporary circumstances and he therefore proposes his own just war thinking, which results in significantly more hawkish stances than traditional Just War doctrine.
That piece of paper is a valuable commodity with price fluctuations watched by the hawkish eyes of traders around the world.
BIS insiders wonder whether Noyer, normally more hawkish than the norm, will continue in this vein.