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I can give him all the salt water he's likely to need - till he's a skipper.
Why, Phil Airheart he went from this very town six year back - no, seven - an' he's mate on the San José now - twenty-six days was her time out.
He's got to see Sir Isaac about something just afterward.
You see it's his only hobby," observed Harker, apologetically, "and, after all, it's his own house; and he's very hospitable in other ways.
He's the skipper that lies three days under double-reefed topsails waiting for a gale that doesn't come.
Why, d'ye know, when I'm playin' an' he's singin', it's a regular duet of what the sky-pilots 'd call religion an' knowin' God.
He's got intelligence and we've got to give that intelligence a chance.
Young Johnny Booth was to have been married yesterday, but he couldn't be because he's gone and got the mumps.
He told me to tell yer he's got his collars and cuffs in dat grip for a scoot clean out to 'Frisco.
I mean he's rich enough ter do it," shrugged Nancy.
Yes, he's a very remarkable man; rather a conservative, but a splendid man," observed Stepan Arkadyevitch, "a splendid man.
But he's slow with his tongue, you see, and he reads but poorly, and can't abide the books, and spells all wrong, they tell me, an' as shy as can be wi' strangers, an' you never hear him say 'cute things like the little wench.