head plate

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wall plate

wall plate, 1
A horizontal member (such as a timber) across a timber-framed, masonry, or concrete wall to carry and distribute the load imposed by members that support the roof.
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2), at least in the head plate, for modern lepidopleurid chitons.
spatulatus we re sectioned including 12 head plates, 42 intermediate plates, and 31 tail plates.
These were seen on the anterior and lateral edges of the head plates, the lateral areas of the intermediate plates, and the lateral and posterior areas of the tail plates.
In addition to exhibiting at the show, Medartis will be hosting surgeon workshops featuring their newest technology and will be announcing the release of their new radial head plates, which will be demonstrated during one of their ASSH workshops.
Medartis Debuts and Demonstrates Company's New Radial Head Plates
will introduce the Company's new Radial Head Plates at this year's American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) annual meeting beginning today, September 3, 2009, in San Francisco at the Moscone West Convention Center.
Discussion for this course will center on indication and use for: headless screws, radial head plates, radial heads, and capitellum replacement.