head unit

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head unit

The control center and user interface for an automobile's entertainment center, which typically resides in the center of the dashboard. It provides the main controls for the radios (any combination of AM, FM, XM, Sirius, HD Radio) as well as a CD/DVD player, GPS navigation, Bluetooth cellphone integration, hard disk storage for music and iPod connector. There may be auxiliary controls on the steering wheel.

The head units have their own amplifiers for powering the speakers, but may have optional outputs for more powerful, stand-alone amplifiers. They may also have inputs for smartphones (see CarPlay and Android Auto). See in-dash navigation.

After Market Head Unit
This Pioneer model Z110 replaced the original equipment AM/FM/CD head unit in a 2008 Honda, but the speakers were not changed. The Z110 added GPS navigation, DVD and iPod playback, hands-free phoning and several other features.

Out of the Vehicle
The Eclipse after market navigation system on the left replaced the factory head unit on the right.
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AS-Schneider's anti-tamper valve head units protect petroleum valves against unauthorised access and unwanted manipulation
The integrated Bluetooth, microphone and signal processor in the single DIN head unit allows easy standard installation in the instrument panel without additional cables, external boxes or reworking the wiring harness.
Alpine have produced an in 'In-Dash' AV head unit with a touch sensitive screen that replicates the feeling of actual buttons.
The MCH 280 C machining center has a universal swivel head unit, equipped with an NC rotary table (360,000 x 0.
It included a Panasonic FX77 HD head unit stereo, a Panasonic 800 WT sub-base deck, Sony 800 amplifiers, and two Kenwood speakers
Priced at pounds 999 including installation, the Blaupunkt Travel Pilot slots into the dashboard, replacing the existing radio head unit and includes a sophisticated audio system and optional five disc CD multichanger for an additional pounds 300.
Unit is available in two basic versions: a standalone ON/OFF unit with a single or double actuation, or as a complete continuous process control valve system with the Type 8630/31 TOP control head unit.
Source Technologies, a leading provider of innovative transactional and interactive kiosks, announced the immediate availability of its ServPoint[TM] KSK kiosk head unit.
In India's in-car entertainment market, speaker and head unit segments accounted for majority of the market revenue.
Nuance s Dragon Drive Mobile is a smartphone application platform that connects seamlessly to a vehicle s head unit to enable intelligent personal assistant capabilities as part of the infotainment experience.
Few people are aware of this but the quality of the head unit is more important than the speakers or amplifiers you install.
ALPINE Electronics has launched its latest DVD / iPod head unit for motorhome and caravan owners.