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pain in the head, caused by dilation of cerebral arteries, muscle contraction, insufficient oxygen in the cerebral blood, reaction to drugs, etc.



one of the most frequent symptoms of various diseases.

Headache arises chiefly in response to irritation of the nerve endings (receptors) of the meninges, venous sinuses, and tunicary and cerebral vessels. Leading factors in the development of a headache include inflammatory affection of the meninges (resulting in irritation of the meningovascular receptors by toxins of the pathogenic agent), compression of the receptors by edema in brain tumors and other accumulative processes (for example, abscess, tuberculoma, and cys-ticercosis), impairment of the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid accompanied by an elevation in intracranial pressure, vascular diseases (hypertension, hypotension, migraine) that cause a change in extracranial and intracranial vascular tone, chronic cardiovascular insufficiency (for example, congestion of the cerebral veins), and infectious diseases and intoxication accompanied by toxic irritation of the nerve endings. Headache also arises through affection of the cervical nerve roots of the spinal cord and affection of the perivascular neuroplexuses of the major blood vessels of the head (for example, in cervical migraine).

Localization of the headache and determination of its character, time of appearance, and other features are important in discovering its causes. Its course and accompanying signs should also be taken into account. Neurological examination and examination of the internal organs, eyes (vision, fundus oculi, intraocular pressure), ears, paranasal sinuses, endocrine glands, and cerebrospinal fluid are also necessary. In a number of cases physicians also make use of cranial roentgenography, electroencephalography, angioenceph-alography or pneumoencephalography, and rheoenceph-alography.

Treatment includes elimination of the cause of the headache and the prescription of preparations (vasodilative or vasoconstrictive, decreasing intracranial pressure [dehydrating], and analgetic) that counteract the cause of the headache.


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A deep form of pain, with a characteristic aching quality, localized in the head.
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After all, my now may be tuneful, but may also be, if less intensely, other things as well: headachy, warm, dark, anxious, and so on--and it will be all of these things without losing its unity and identity.
It also reduces the headachy, prematurely tired, stressful feeling that limits performance.
Throughout my teens and twenties, the headaches persisted and I now have one or two headachy days per week - but I just push through the pain most of the time.
Without the right amount in your system, you'll feel sluggish and headachy.
And conversely, when I'm any or all of these - headachy, hyper, confused, cranky, bad tempered and resentful - all I need is a day of peace and quiet and I'm back to being my usual friendly self.
The fever left her tired, headachy, unable to sleep and unsteady on her feet.
But a total detox can leave you feeling headachy, flu-like and spotty.
She is under a lot of pressure at work and still gets headachy but now she is either going to the gym after work or taking some time out to relax when she gets home.
If you feel like death warmed up, hot and headachy and coughing do everyone at work a favour stay away.
I have quantum-leapt from the headachy VX220 Vauxhall - a rattler of a car that made me realise there is not enough aspirin in the world to induce me ever to drive it again - to the Audi Cabrio.