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The rotary self-cleaning screen unit will consist of a headbox assembly, cylinder, solids discharge doctor blade assembly, cylinder drive system, solids discharge chute and internal water spray.
SMI RED-oem technology for contact-free, screen-based eye tracking is fully portable and comes with a large headbox for robust tracking even with restless participants.
380 put five Remington ball rounds all in the headbox of an International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) target, in a group measuring 1.
The announced strategic investment in Wallula s #3 paper machine includes a headbox upgrade and a former rebuild.
Metso's delivery will include a complete paper machine from headbox to reel, with related automation systems.
Where there is one headbox giving the paper stream its essential mix of properties, airlaid machines often have three forming heads and other stations for supplying various fibers, additives, powders and more into the web.
Plugs directly into the AC input of any headbox with NO additional software needed.
It produces a 76 cm wide paper sheet, is equipped with an open headbox and its operating velocity is 25 m/min.
As part of the Saugbrugs mill's development program, the PM 6 SC paper machine will be modernized with the latest headbox and forming technology.
We'll import [recovered fiber] from America, which sounds more expensive, but the yield at the headbox can be much better," Denny said.
It was used to buy an oxygenated humidified headbox which helps babies breathe more easily.