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in law, material submitted to a judge or a judicial body to resolve disputed questions of fact. The rules discussed in this article were developed in England for use in jury trials.
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No circumstance of importance, from the beginning to the end of the disclosure, shall be related on hearsay evidence.
It was a good match from a worldly point of view, but his wife formed an unfavourable opinion of the colonial climate on hearsay evidence.
I was aware from hearsay that he was an industrious busy- body, hunting up his compatriots in hotels, in private lodgings, and--I was told--conferring upon them the honour of his notice in public gardens when a suitable opening presented itself.
With the world shut out (except that part of it which would be shut in); with its troubles and disturbances only known to them by hearsay, as they would be described by the pilgrims tarrying with them on their way to the Insolvent Shrine; with the Arbour above, and the Lodge below; they would glide down the stream of time, in pastoral domestic happiness.
Let a prejudice be bequeathed, carried in the air, adopted by hearsay, caught in through the eye,--however it may come, these minds will give it a habitation; it is something to assert strongly and bravely, something to fill up the void of spontaneous ideas, something to impose on others with the authority of conscious right; it is at once a staff and a baton.
appeals court has ruled that machine-generated evidence is not hearsay in a ruling that allowed Google's satellite images to be used as evidence in a criminal case.
The new program leverages Hearsay Social, a leader in social marketing technology and provider of the Predictive Social Suite for Advisors.
He said that included opinion, hearsay and criticism of senior officers.
Bentham's claim that all relevant evidence should be considered with appropriate instructions to fact finders has been particularly influential among judges, culminating in the "principled approach" to hearsay in Canada articulated in R.
American National Insurance Company has declared the launch of a social business program created through association with Hearsay Social.
Prior, widely regarded as the ultimate team player and heartbeat of the England side until he was dropped, did not categorically deny the words attributed to him by hearsay.
presents a treatise explaining the law and application of the hearsay rule in US courts, with a special emphasis on exclusions and exceptions, including those found outside the Rules of Evidence, such as those found in the Federal Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure.