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Maggie Thatcher viciously and heartlessly forced ten young Irish Catholics in Northern Ireland to die on hunger strike.
It seems to me that anyone with a decent head on their shoulders would understand that if you heartlessly and consistently undermine, abandon and neglect a whole swathe of society, any benefits as a result for anyone else will be short-lived.
Muscat: Heartlessly dumped around six months ago, no one has come forward to claim the two abandoned toddlers as yet.
Dr Mazari said the government instead of providing some support and relief to the nation at this difficult time has heartlessly inflicted a grave economic cost to their already dismal lives living under the shadow of the Peshawar tragedy and the continuing severe security threat.
It is utterly rejected and there has to be stringent action against the parents who not only heartlessly hit their baby, but also filmed the horrible act.
The former Jambos ga[euro]er was heartlessly axed six weeks ago, despite steering Hearts through the hardest season.
Barykin managed to shoot 2 border intruders to death before he was heartlessly stabbed by them.
I had bills back in the Philippines that will heartlessly charge me with penalty if I am delayed on my payment.
ASENIOR church leader has accused the Chancellor of heartlessly dismissing unemployed people in the North East as "shirkers".
SDSM continues to act heartlessly in regard to the citizens' needs.
Talking to MPs belonging to various districts, here on Friday, he said that despite the fact that Pakistan was not established to be looted and plundered but, rather to boost respect, honor and dignity of the Muslim world; yet unfortunately, the specific ruling gang of 'Ali Baba and Forty Thieves' had heartlessly plundered the wealth of the nation, whence thieves, dacoits have established new records of corruption, embezzlement in order to achieve their selfish interests.