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Adorable cute flowers mixing purple, yellow and white. Flowers edible with a delicious, mild mint wintergreen flavor. Leaf tea used for sickness, sore throats, epilepsy, blood purifier, asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism, heart palpitations, skin problems, eczema, calming sedative. A great addition to drinks, soups, desserts or salads.
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Over 1000 trade visitors tasted the Heartsease Farm products and gave very positive comments.
The dish cover has a gold coloured artichoke finial and the Royal arms are flanked by heartsease, a sprig of iron-red flowering sweet pea and speedwell, and three painted panels, one of which, far right, shows the pleasure gardens of a huge royal palace with courtiers walking in pairs and a with a tunnel of love in the background; The highly important royal armorial presentation chafing dish and stand made at Meissen in 1745.
58) Augusta Webster, review of Heartsease and Rue, by James Russell Lowell, Athenaeum, May 12, 1888, p.
The water is drawn from a spring named after the distinctive violet and yellow Heartsease pansy and the bottle boasts a discreet Celtic logo epitomising the subtle branding that brand consultants think works.
The discovery of a new aquifer in 2003 prompted the company to launch a premium bottled water, Heartsease.
Pansies share the delicate looking but tough characteristics of the family from which they were originally bred -- violas, violets and the little wild pansy, heartsease.
Heartsease from Radnor Hills Mineral Water Company scooped the gong for Beet Laloel with its Celtic-themed livery, which celebrates the water's Welsh origins.
Many wild flowers of meadow and pasture will grow there, given half a chance - daisies, buttercups, wild thyme, clover and heartsease, to name a few.
Radnor Hills Mineral Water Company based in Heartsease, Powys, tel:01547 530220, have been established for just over ten years.
Lunn, of Heartsease, Norwich, was jailed for eight months and banned for six years.
Many wild flowers of meadow and pasture will grow there,given half a chance -daisies,buttercups, wild thyme,clover and heartsease, to name a few.
British native violas include the white and purple violets of our hedgerows and heartsease, a small, attractive wild flower coloured mauve, yellow and white.