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The operation is to include full width deep cleanse of identified paved and pedestrian areas, due to the sensitive nature of the infrastructure the preferred method is one using high heat low pressure to include the removal from all paved areas specified within the attached appendix all staining and chewing gum deposits.
Moist surface (above ground level) air fed the heat low pressure trough (present from Caprivi south across Botswana) but obviously was unable to penetrate our air space.
Global Sterilization Equipment Market Heat Sterilization Moist Heat Traditional Gravity Sterilizers Pre-vacuum Sterilizers Steam flush pressure-pulse sterilizers Tabletop sterilizers Dry Heat Low Temperature Sterilization Ethylene Oxide Sterilization (EtO) Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Plasma Ozone Gas-based Medical Sterilization Filtration
When the heat island forms on a city, the hot air rises over the city and works as a heat low pressure system resulting in the suction of environs air into the city.
Deep-fry these gujias until light golden brown, keeping the heat low.
Simmer for half an hour until the pasta is cooked then turn the heat low and add the fish and the thyme.
Turn the heat low and simmer for five minutes then remove from the heat.
Place over low heat until butter is melted; keep hot over a candle or alcohol flame and keep heat low enough to prevent browning or burning sauce.
Keep heat low to medium, being careful not to burn.