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in botany, common name for some members of the Ericaceae, a family of chiefly evergreen shrubs with berry or capsule fruits. Plants of the heath family form the characteristic vegetation of many regions with acid soils, particularly the moors, swamps, and mountain slopes
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, in botany.



(Calluna), a genus of plants of the family Ericaceae, represented by only one species (C. vulgaris). A low evergreen shrub, usually 30-70 cm high, it has numerous small, sessile, almost trihedral leaves that are tegularly arranged in four layers. The flowers are also small and numerous on young branches in more or less unilateral racemes; the corolla is lilac pinkish, sometimes white, shorter than the bright, laminated calyx, which is colored like the corolla.

Heather grows in pine forests, in burned-out forests, and in peat bogs, often forming dense thickets. It is found in Europe, predominantly in the northern half, Asia (mainly in the western portion), North Africa (Morocco), the Azores, Greenland, and the Atlantic coast of America. Heather is a good nectar-bearer but gives a tart, or even bitter, honey; it had fodder value, especially in the Atlantic countries of Western Europe. Flowering branches are used as winter bouquets. Sometimes representatives of the genus Erica are also called heather.



Calluna vulgaris. An evergreen heath of northern and alpine regions distinguished by racemes of small purple-pink flowers.


1. a low-growing evergreen Eurasian ericaceous shrub, Calluna vulgaris, that grows in dense masses on open ground and has clusters of small bell-shaped typically pinkish-purple flowers
2. any of certain similar plants
3. a purplish-red to pinkish-purple colour
4. of or relating to interwoven yarns of mixed colours
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22 Squadron at Valley was called and took two of the mountain rescue team along because of the very steep, heathery terrain.
Now hundreds of pupils at Heathery Knowe and South Park schools will be offered antibiotics to stop the spread of the infection.
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Smyth also said that the 7,034-yard, par 71 Muirfield course, with its thick, heathery rough and narrow fairways, was ideal for him who didn't rely on big hitting.
By the time it gets to the 12-year-old 40 per cent version it has taken on amber tints from the oak aging - 20 per cent of which is in "first-fill" Oloroso sherry casks - to produce a slightly toffeed sweet character to add to heathery fresh citrus and smoke.
At the next signpost, bear left slightly downhill on the heathery track to cross a stile.
15am yesterday, the 58-year-old was walking along Heathery Lane, adjacent to Broadway East, in Gosforth when she was approached by a man who grabbed her.
Says Pam: "My most recent work has been based on the heathery colours of autumn Simonside, snow scenes with people with their umbrellas and I have started on townscapes - Venice and Alnwick.
TRAGIC: Little Kiera McRitchie died within hours of being taken to hospital with meningitis; AFRAID: Parents at Heathery Knowe have hit out over delays in giving antibiotics; CAUTION: Dr Jim Miller
The trail ends at a stone wall which you cross to reach a clear woodland track beyond the wall and parallel to itGo left along the track and you eventually leave the woods and cross heathery open country on a high shoulder of land above the valley with fine views across to Snowdon.