heating capacity

heating capacity, recovery capacity

The capacity of a water heater to raise a given number of gallons per hour (liters per hour) by a specified number of degrees, for example, from 40 to 140°F (4.4 to 60°C); usually expressed in Btu per hour (kilowatts per hour); does not include the heat losses in the system which the water heater serves.
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Applications in more northerly climates have remained limited because heat pumps are generally not thought capable of providing adequate heating capacity at an acceptable air discharge temperature.
The compact unit has a heating capacity of 6 kw and flow rate up to 30 1/min.
Designed to service the UK and expanding European markets, the units now have easy to identify names, clearly showing the heating capacity and fluid medium.
Temperature control units from 3 kW to 150 kW heating capacity are available, for temperatures from 50[degrees]C to 360[degrees]C, for a large program of units produced in batches.
As the continuous caster and other related capital projects have been implemented, the Company has encountered difficulties in achieving sufficient heating capacity from the soaking pits.
The two new models, the PureComfort(TM) 300M and PureComfort(TM) 360M, offer higher power, cooling and heating capacity to provide customers greater flexibility and choice in meeting their building power, cooling and heating needs.
Induction Heater Will Be Compact, Light Weight Design, High Heating Capacity With Portability And Will Heat The Sealed And Pre Greased Bearing.
Single's new temperature control unit has a heating capacity of 6 kW and a flow rate of up to 30l/min.
Captions provide full details on each application installation, including heater type, quantity used and heating capacity.
Monitoring steam trap performance can help reduce costs related to steam and energy loss, reduced heating capacity, and equipment damage.
The plant located in the suburb of Aarhus, Lisbjerg, is designed basically to burn locally produced straw - a maximum of 240,000 tons per year with a thermal input of 110 MWth able to produce over 30 MW of electrical capacity and 80 MW of district heat corresponding to one fifth of the district heating capacity of Aarhus city.