heating system

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heating system

[′hēd·iŋ ‚sis·təm]
(civil engineering)

forced-air heating system

A conventional heat distribution system in which heat is circulated by means of a blower (fan).
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The Burscough firm will deliver a heating system that can supply instantaneous domestic hot water to each of the Providence Tower's 484 apartments.
Frese will be responsible for delivery of a heating system with capacity to supply instantaneous domestic hot water to each apartment with the ability to control the temperature of the system quickly and accurately when required.
The main reasons for the underfloor heating system being the ideal heating system in current environment are the increasing quality of new building techniques (insulation, controls, and many others) and the drive towards renewable energy technologies.
Through the Heating System Replacement Program, Columbia Gas of Ohio partners up with different heating and cooling contractors to provide discounted heating system replacement services.
NEARLY 50 homes in Skelton are to benefit from PS90,000 investment to instal modern heating systems.
A survey indicated that a central heating system with a full set of controls and thermostatic radiator valves could save up to 40% compared to an uncontrolled system.
Warm Wales Cymru Gynnes provided a grant of PS728 to connect the property to mains gas through Wales and West Utilities, and secure additional funding of PS7,303 to install a heating system and boiler.
This will effectively mean that not only will the residents of this elegant block of period flats have a more modern and reliable heating system, but they will also save approximately 30% in operating costs.
Con Edison offers incentives for annual boiler maintenance, insulation of roofs and heating system pipes, heating controls, and high-efficiency boiler replacements for firm gas residential properties with 5 to 75 units.
17, Grybauskaite, speaking on Ziniu Radijas, accused Vilniaus Energija, which operates the Vilnius heating system, of abusing its monopolistic position in Vilnius.
AN UNDERFLOOR heating system which delayed the opening of Wales' newest hospital was unnecessary, a report has found.
But it's also very important for homeowners to ensure their whole heating system is working as efficiently as possible.

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