heating unit

electric heating element

A unit consisting of an electrical resistance material, insulated supports, and terminals for connection to a source of electric power; used as a heat source.
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But after nightfall the heating unit manager fires up the boilers ''extra hot,'' he said, to take the edge off the cold.
It maintains a low shell temperature and minimizes radiation from the molten metal due to the insulating properties of the floating heating unit.
Once symptoms appear, it's important to seek immediate medical attention, but the condition can probably be prevented by servicing the heating unit at the beginning of the season.
a Milledgeville, Georgia, air conditioner and heating unit manufacturer, with planting the idea to participate in the plan.
The heating unit is shockproof, sealed to protect it from fluids and uses low voltage, insulated elements.
Each process has its own individual electric heating unit which is portable and includes its own heater, reservoir, pump, controls and so on for providing hot oil to the process continuously.
At that instant, the overhead exhaust gas vent hose attached to the heating unit burst into flames.
introduced an improved heating unit of his own design for waterbeds.
The cans are warmed in a custom-built heating unit.
Also, if a customer's air conditioning and heating unit breaks down and covered property is damaged as a result, this coverage generally takes care of the damaged equipment and resulting business income loss.

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