heavy landing

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hard landing

An airplane landing in which the rate of descent has not been adequately checked just before touchdown. The resultant landing can cause damage to the aircraft structure, especially undercarriages. An aircraft must be inspected thoroughly according to the manufacturer's recommendations after a hard landing. Also called a heavy landing.
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During the last eight months, apart from the repairs carried out to the front of the aircraft caused by its heavy landing, a series of improvements and modifications have also been implemented, including the ALS landing feet.
The operator confirmed that a mooring line attached to the Airlander had touched a power line outside the airfield, but explained that no damage had been caused to the aircraft by that event and stated that the contact with the power line did not contribute to the heavy landing.
The 70-year-old, from Bartley Green, said: "On returning we had rather a heavy landing due to high winds, which caused a few screams.
Helei, who had slipped to ninth 24 hours earlier after outpacing the factory cars in his locally-built Nissan Pick-up, rolled early on the stage and then suffered a heavy landing after 35kms.
NEVE[currency]EHyR (CyHAN)- A Chinese female tourist was killed and other six Chinese and Malaysian were injured when two different hot air balloons made heavy landing in central Turkish Province of NevE-hir on Wednesday.
Holmfirth's Chris Law was handily placed in second before a heavy landing after a slip in the river forced him to retire.
The same helicopter later flew a paraglider to hospital at Wrexham after his canopy failed and he made a heavy landing from 40ft at Llantysilio, near the Horseshoe Pass.
If the beacon is operating, which it is, that's a good sign as a heavy landing can tend to prevent the beacon working, so that's a positive sign at this stage," he told Radio New Zealand.
Air Force flight testing demonstrated the current 65-minute mandatory steel brake cooling time after a heavy landing can be reduced to just five minutes when using our new carbon brakes.
Paramedic Martyn Scott said: "It was more of a heavy landing than a crash.
Second starter of the day in the Moto category, Lithuania's Benedktas Vanagas came to an early end when his co-driver Sailius Jurgelenas sustained a back injury after particiuarly heavy landing off a dune just 85 kms into the leg.