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Noting that his deputy Behrouz Kamalvandi has several times visited Russia for talks on the heavy waters sales, he said, "Mr.
Iran currently produces about 20 tons of heavy water a year, some of which is used domestically and the surplus is transported abroad.
It is exclusively Iran's responsibility to find a way to meet its [nuclear deal] commitments, whether that is by selling, diluting or disposing of future stocks of heavy water to remain within the [deal's] limit.
From the maps and notes in their pockets they realised that the mission had been to attack the heavy water plant.
I think the days are numbered for heavy water reactors.
When the researchers repeated the experiment in heavy water, the differences disappeared.
Tritiated heavy water is pumped from the nuclear power plant to the separation centre in batches.
In February 1944, with an Allied invasion of Europe imminent, the plant's entire stock of refined heavy water was loaded onto the lake ferry Hydro for shipment, ultimately, to Berlin.
The heavy water produced by the plant will be used as a moderating and cooling substance in the adjoining nuclear reactor.
Heavy water, which is used in the production of plutonium, was crucial to Israel's nuclear ambitions.
In August the BBC's Newsnight programme unearthed papers showing a deal was done to export 20 tonnes of heavy water in the 1950s.
When the Germans occupied Norway at the start of the war, they captured the world's only supply of heavy water ( the Norsk Hydro plant at Rjukan, Telemark, in southern Norway.