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Shared mindfulness is more akin to Weick and Roberts's (1993) definition of acting heedfully based on Ryle's (1949) explication, "People act heedfully when they act more or less carefully, critically, consistently, purposefully, attentively, studiously, vigilantly, conscientiously, pertinaciously" (p.
Isaiah's God invites us to "Come to me heedfully, listen, that you may have life.
Ultimately, the procedure, which is ironically just now being curtailed by federal courts in the United States, may facilitate adoption of other features of the American legal system which we have prudently and heedfully resisted to date.
To guard against destructive conflict, the team leader must be aware of the members' abilities to heedfully interact when forming a team or deciding whom to promote to the TMT.
His response to all the `minutiae so heedfully attended to' is, in fact, exceedingly lachrymose (3:346, 359, 363).
The collective mind that emerges during the interrelating of an activity system is more developed and more capable of intelligent action the more heedfully that interrelating is done.